About us

Our company BUZZUFY LLC has been in the matchmaker and watch tool business since 2012.  The company started just as a hobby in the beginning.  Eventually, as we needed more and more vintage watch parts to fix and improve our watches, our team decided to establish and grow the company. We started buying vintage watches and parts through online marketplaces and local flea markets.  Assembling and fixing watches was our main business. As we were able to source an enormous number of vintage and modern watch parts, we expanded our offerings.  The more watches we were working on, we realized we had a need for watchmaker tools.  Then, we contacted and met with some of the top global brands for watchmaker tools and accessories.  Over the years, our company became an official distributor of numerous brands.  In the past years, we have grown our offering to thousands of watch parts, vintage and modern watches, watch tools and accessories.   We are glad we can offer all of the products in our online shop WatchmakerShop.com!

Currently, BUZZUFY is an official representative and distributor of BERGEON (Switzerland), Boley (Germany), Cape Cod Polishing Inc. (USA).  We also have a great relationship with watch dealers and watchmakers around the world.  Dealing with our amazing partners worldwide, we are able to source rare to find watch parts, vintage watchmaker tools and watch accessories.  

Our company has provided an EXCELLENT service over the years to thousands of customers.  We offer worldwide shipping with guaranteed delivery.  Shipping options are regular postage or express via UPS, FedEx or DHL. Please go to our shipping page to learn more about the process of shipping your order. Returns policy is one of the best in the industry. We DO NOT ask questions why our clients want to return watch products bought from us.  The Hassle-Free returns we offer has gained us numerous loyal customers during the years of our operations.  Please go to our returns section to find out more about the process of how to return products or whole orders.