Elma Luxury Clean EC 95 (without ammonia) jewellery and watch parts

Elma Luxury Clean EC 95 (without ammonia) jewellery and watch parts

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Elma Luxury Clean EC 95 (without ammonia)

PLEASE check with our team before ordering, on shipping restrictions as we may NOT be able to ship it due to shipping restrictions based on region.

The blue EC95 is an aqueous, alkaline cleaning concentrate without ammonia. It is used to clean jewellery an watch parts (e.g. cases, straps, clasps, ...) during and after production and service.

Highly concentrated with strong brightness effect for removing wear dirt, processing agents and oxidation in the workshop and industry (without ammonia). EC95 removes reliably and easily polishing pastes and other contaminations arrising from wearing and hygienically refreshs the parts-to-be-cleaned for shining cleaning results.

EC95 contains a temporary anti-tarnish finish. For rapid cleaning of precious metals and non-ferrous metals as well as their alloys and jewellery with hard stones.

Check costume jewellery and soft stones beforehand for stability. Not suitable for pearls and coral.

• Easy removal of polishing pastes and dirt arrising from wearing
• Powerful brightening effect
• Very efficient cleaning concentrate*
• Without toxic ammonia fumes
• Odourless
• Applicable in ultrasonic as well as
• In immersion bath at 25-75 °C

* 1 liter concentrate results in 50 liter cleaning solution

Ultrasonic 2 - 5 min. at 25-75 °C
- Dosage 1:50 (with slight contamination)
- Dosage 1:25 (with heavy soiling)
As immersion bath for 15 min. at 25-75 °C
- Dosage 1:10